Monday, September 24, 2007

Lexus SC

Last friday i was in Cracow, after leaving my academy i think that i can go for a walk with my old friend. Maybe something nice will parked behind us.. I've never thinked about what i can see this night... Lest begin from the end of our walk becouse the best i will stay for ending...
At the end of walk, nearby Wawel castle we saw Lexus SC... In kwon taht photos are very dark but if u only want u can use link below and u will see this car in normal light... Its beautiful... I will say: its look like its Lexus, he has characteristic...

This is second generation of SC, selling was started in 2002. After premiere it was called fully succes and in papers redactor write abiut him like „comfortable, fast, smooth, and quiet”.

In hood this pretty is huge V8 engine, 4.3l wsith 280horsepower... 'Fine' its to weak... 60mph in 6.2 like a rocket.. maximum speed is 250km/h becouse of law.
In Lexus, comfort its in common, i dont know what isnt here... Everything is 'inteligent' and 'smart'... Common tag is "find out needs"... SC automatical changes many options like temperature or opening roof... In safety its nothing to say... Class in self...

How much we will must to pay for them? In USA it cos 65.000$... I dint think that he will be so cheap!... very nice!